Case Study: Le Chamois

Peak Ventures – Remodel of Le Chamois Penthouse

The problem:

Peak Ventures, working with Whistler Interior Design undertake a remodel of a penthouse unit in the prestigious Le Chamois building on Blackcomb Mountain. There is limited space within the ceiling for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment due to structural elements of the building. Custom Air Conditioning is asked to present options to allow the finished height of the ceiling to be raised as much as possible while providing an effective and efficient HVAC solution.

The approach:

Custom Air Conditioning undertook a consultation and complete engineering review of the situation and within that review determined the core requirements of the client.

1) Install a system which can be incorporated into a very small ceiling space

2) Identify potential solutions that will maintain the integrity of the space (sight lines) enhance comfort, increase efficiency, be eco-friendly, low maintenance, promote ease of use and be extremely quiet.

The solution:

Custom Air Conditioning presented a very innovative solution from Sanyo called the Eco-i 3-way variable refrigerant flow (VRF) HVAC system which uses small diameter refrigeration piping between each of the ceiling cassettes and the outdoor Heat Pump condensing unit. This would allow the maximum ceiling height while still providing complete zone by zone discrete control of heating and cooling.

Incorporated with this solution was:

  • Tank less hot water heaters.
  • Exhaust / Make-Up-Air for the gourmet kitchen.
  • De-humidification System for the enclosed Hot Tub patio.

The Benefits of the system are:

  • Ease of use – very simple (but precise) controls allows control of temperatures to suit each individual zone.
  • Energy efficiencies of about 400% over traditional systems saves money and is good for the environment.
  • Heat Pump that will operate down to outdoor temperatures of -20C minimizing use of less efficient electric baseboards.
  • 3-way operation “pumps” the heat energy out of one zone (cooling) and sends it to a different zone (heating) without having to actively run the compressor system. This method saves even more energy.

This type of system has become commonplace in Europe and Asia because of its energy efficient properties and its small footprint. The technology is now available in North America and this is the first installation of a Sanyo Eco-i 3-way VRF system in Canada!